Quadcopters are tricky enough to operate as it is, so then add the complication of co-ordinating sports in the mix and voilà… Instant chaos!

Weather its a relatively peaceful sport like yoga or an already hazardous sport like motorcross , watching people wipeout never gets old but add in drones and you get the total bonus of watching them from an aerial view where nobody is safe!

This is a compilation of multirotor crashes, hard landings and sport Wipeouts. Thankfully no one was injured in any of the footage that we used in this compilation. Although I can\’t say the same about their pride or quads.

Quadcopter pilots know how tricky it is to fly one of these machines , having to watch out for: animals, unexpected obstacles and losing signal . Now it seems even athletes and extreme sports people alike are just going out of their way to make the humble multirotor pilot\’s life even harder.

  • : Johannesburg
  • : Bryanston
  • : Gauteng
  • : South Africa