Falcon stone is located about 4-5 km north-west of the Severka railway station.

Village Severka young. The first inhabitants appeared here at the beginning of the 20th century, and in the 1930s, a large station appeared here, which received its name from the Severka River, a tributary of the Grid. Prior to this, there was a usual junction on the railway and the dachas of some Yekaterinburg residents.

The nature of these places is great. In the vicinity of the Severka many rocks. They are on almost every slide. One of the rocks is worth a visit on the way to the Falcon Stone. It can be clearly seen directly from the station, including from the windows of trains and trains passing by rail. These are Seversk stone tents (or just Seversk rocks).

Seversky rocks stretched from west to east. The maximum height of the rocks reaches 20-25 m. They are a geomorphological and botanical monument of nature.