A compilation of drone footage around the Ribblehead Viaduct. I timed the visit to be when the Fellsman stream train would go over, though poor weather conditions made this an ‘exciting’ flight. However, I tried to keep a good distance to people and the bridge and at no point was in danger of losing control. Some clips may be from the ground as flying was not possible in the area, also to provide contrasting perspectives.

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Please watch the whole video before posting. Do not dislike content – if you don’t want to see it, message me and tell me what I should do. If there is an issue with the video, post constructive criticisms and I will reply and take account. Enjoy folks!

In any of these videos, I endeavor to follow the rules and ensure safety. This is not for commercial purposes. Any mistakes I do make I try to avoid in following flight.

Music at the end is “Push Every Button” by Mayhem

  • : United Kingdom

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4 September 2018
United Kingdom