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    Congratulations to the winners :-)

    Jillemmer LOVE your image, so creative and really well executed, man I wish I had come up with that :-) Let me know how the new drone is :-)

    rashadGreat mood in your image, I am a little puzzled about it though, You seem to fly very low in a highly crowded area, is that allowed in Azerbaijan? the reason I am asking is because here in Denmark it would cost a fortune in fines to fly in populated areas, Could you also share your ISO and shutter setting because I cant get that clean images with my phantom in darkness, perhaps I am doing something wrong ;-(

    aerialagents Genious laughed when I saw it, did you capture him by accident or was it just a well executed plan :-) Just brilliant

    Dron ExpertOh wow beautiful, could you share some camera settings, ISO, Exposure time etc. for us.

    JokeairAgain brilliant, did you actually stick that santa to our drone? Oh you are gonna love your image from Zeinberg I have 2 hanging amazing quality.

    Congrats to you all, Happy New Year.


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    mbernholdt hi, thank you. Yes you are right, in some places not allowed. The answer to your second question, I knew that the camera drone poluchistya not get great shots. so fastened to the drone Canon 5D Mark 3. ISO 3200, f- minimal, shutter 80-100.

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      Hmm interesting, so you basically strapped your Heavy DSLR to a unknown drone and flew around snapping images? How did you manage focusing releasing the shutter etc etc.

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      Wow, good point!

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    to be honest… I thought it had been taken on a stepladder…I’m bemused that several thousand people thought it was the best photo.

    And that Canon weighs around 1kg…very dangerous if it was attached to a drone

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