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    Hi everybody,

    I will do a trip across Europe (France, Switzerland, Deutschland, Danemark, Norway, Sweden and Finland). I would like to know if it’s possible to use my drone. Unfortunately I find nothing about regulation in:
    – Switzerland;
    – Deutschland;
    – Norway;
    – Sweden;
    – Finland.

    Does anyone know more in these countries? Or do you know where I could find information? Which authorities?

    Thanks for your help,

    Best regards,

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    You can check out the link above for Germany. The bottom line is if your drone weighs more than 5 kgs, it can be problematic. Also, Berlin is nearly impossible to fly your drone. Have fun!

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    I don’t have much to say other than to second Zu_gedroned. I was in Germany a few months ago and could only fly my drone in the “demonstration area” at a drone conference, and they they also let me fly indoors in the theatre where we spoke. A very nice German professor advised me that there is an inactive airfield called Templehofer where drone flying is apparently openly tolerated. I didn’t make it to the field, so I don’t know for sure, but I did see a whole lot of “Templehofer drone videos” on YouTube. Best of luck on your trip and I’ll look forward to seeing some of your footage.

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    Os dejo a continuación el pdf con la explicación de la legislación de drones

    Y en esta pagina podréis acceder a los cursos online de drones

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    The German regulations are about to get stricter. All drones over 250 grams (!) must be registered and have name and address attached. Everything over 5 kilos requires a license. You can check out the link in German below. It used to be pretty relaxed, but as with all things, foolish people ruin the party for those who are there for a good time.

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    What about Spain, anybody knows ? Thanks

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