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    Hey Dronies
    Hope everyone is doing well and get many hours under you props.
    Here in Denmark the weather have been grey with rain and strong winds for almost a month now so my 2 drones are just standing and collecting dust for the time being.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

    All the best
    Michael B. Rasmussen

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    Hello Michael, Sorry to hear about Danish weather. I’ve been in Europe a few times in winter and am frequently reminded that it has a latitude closer to Canada than to my part of the US. Just got back from a short trip to Thailand where I got rained out for a few days, then on two other days in locations 500 miles apart, I had a flock of birds go after my Bebop2. I just let it hang there, figuring that they had the ability to avoid it if they wanted (they did, thankfully).

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    Hey Newbies here,

    I think it is not to late to wish a happy new year! I wish this year i could get myself a new pro drone whether from dji or parrot, still in vague and need to go through read other people opinions and reviews.

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    Hello Shephard101, I’d just get one. All drones have their pluses and minuses, and as you fly, and fly with others, you will get an idea of which drone fits in well with what you want out of flying. My only advice is get a first drone that can take some serious punishment. I crashed my first drone probably 10 times just figuring out basic stuff. If I had spent $5,000 on a top of the line professional drone for my first drone, I would be much sadder and much broker.

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