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    Hey guys, I just want to share this. I’ve used Hover Camera and it’s pretty decent product for a drone beginner like myself. The photo and video quality is good, and it’s really easy to control in the air. Currently the company is offering a discount for CES. If you enter the promo code “HOVERVIP@CES” on their website when checking out you can get $50 off. Link is

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    Well that is pretty expensive for a beginner. Whenever someone mentions beginner drones I would assume he means drones that cost under $100.
    Here is the list of CAMERA drones that are even cheaper than that – under $50:

    So, I guess these guys went a bit above the common expectations for such drones. I have seen similar products on instagram that cost less than $100. This one is $599 which is insane :).

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    Next month, I travel to serveral hotels in Italy Therefore, I like to take a lot of pictures and like to buy a drone but I’ve no idea, which one is the best one. Have you got any advices for beginner drone?

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