My plan was to shoot the Friedland Peace Monument in Germany from every side and then fly in-between the two monuments. However as soon as I took off with the Parrot Bebop drone the weather instantly changed….for the worse. The wind picked up and a few drops of rain started to fall. I thought shall I fly it or land it. As there were no people about I thought I’d fly it. As I took it higher above the monument a gust of wind took it over the trees and towards to nearest village. Trying to keep it under control was difficult but using the Bebop controller I managed to bring it back over the trees and land safely without even a scratch ! I have to say that I thought the drone was gone but it’s quite a strong little drone and even in the strong gusts of wind it managed to return which I was very happy about ! So. I thought I’d post the unedited version here for everyone to see. I plan to go back and shoot an edited version as it’s quite a spectacular location right in the middle of Germany. (German only)

  • : Friedland
  • : Hagenring
  • : Lower Saxony
  • : Germany

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18 September 2015
Lower Saxony