It fits! Wesley from walks us through the important features of the new Hero4 camera from GoPro, and shows the Hero4 working on a …



  • Anyone know if the new go pro hero 7 Black works on these older phantoms or other drones besides the karma or 3DR solo.

    Thinking of combining a hero 7 Black with a cheaper drone like a phantom 2 or 3 if it works

  • does this still work in 2018?

  • i searched the whole internet but didn't get any solution how to mount Zenmuse H4-3D (hero 4 black) on phantom 3 pro.
    can you please suggest any solution.
    would be so helpful

  • Recently acquired a P2 , I have a similar screen as seen in the video above, Im a novice and this question is off topic slightly but when I got the P2 it came with a screen just like the one in the video , Fpv monitor, but I dont know if the person who gave it to me forgot to include the charging cord, but how do you normally charge a Fpv monitor ? please help!

  • had no idea how high i was till i watched this lulululul

  • Can this gimbal be installed on the P3 standard?

  • why not share the actual footage it shoots? :( watched for nothing as i don't know if it works

  • Hello Friend
    Does it work with gopro 4 silver?

  • What about if I have a GoPro Hero 4 Session?

  • Tem como fazer com outra camera a instalação? Eu tenho uma Eken H9

  • hi .. is it possible to fit a gopro 4 to a phantom 3 standard using the H3-3D or any other gimbal..

  • If you have an issue with the settings button, and can afford to have your gopro mounted full-time on the drone, just take a knife and pop the settings button out of the case. It will leave the raw under copper side of the button exposed, however you don't need to worry about the gimbal it hitting the button anymore.

  • will the DJI pilot app (phone FPV) still contect to the gopro ???

  • Just a small suggestion that may of already been covered. You don't have to grind anything off the gimbal housing. Just add a small piece of tape or shim to the selector side of the gopro. It will slide the hero 4 far enough away from the gimbal housing so that you won't accidentally switch modes.

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  • Hi…Just accidentally bumped into your Channel and had to watch this video (and Subscribe!). I have the opposite issue. I just bought a P2 (because I can't afford the P3 or P4 yet) and it came with the H4-3D Gimbal for the Hero 4. Never flown one of these things before so I didn't want to stick a $500 camera on it and risk losing the drone and my H4 so I put my Hero 3 Black on it. Wasn't aware there might be an issue with the weight. I've flown it 4 times for a total of about 45 minutes with the H3B on it. Is that bad? The video is smooth but I haven't really thought to listen to the motor on the Gimbal when it's not airborne. The main reason I want to use the 3 is because I use the 4 for other things and wanted to just leave the 3 on the Phantom because it's such a pain in the neck to take it on and off. THANKS in advance for your reply.

  • excellent vids keep it up. just began my videos again getting some motivation.

  • link is not opened and you wanna say to me about fpv system.

  • Hi! I have my gopro camera on my gimbal attached to my drone. My question is is there anything I can put on my gopro to protect it from dirt/water while I fly it? (I can't use the case since the camera is attached to the gimbal)

  • My H3-3D is off balance with my GoPro4, now I added a coin with double side mounting tape and it makes a huge noise from the gimbal motors, I put it in the air with it and it doesnt even work, it might be balanced but the gimbal keeps doing weird movements in the air like its trying to get rid of the coin, very strange, i do not recommend using the coin cause it really confuses the gimbal and burns the motors down.

  • Can I see a feed from the go pro camera to my phone on the Phantom 2 without buying extra stuff? I really want to see where my drone flies.

  • Am i the only one who noticed that the Gimbal did not power up the Gopro 4 like it will normally do it with a Gopro 3?

  • Does it come with that live view screen or do you have to buy it separately?

  • I was leaning towards the Inspire, not just because of the added features, but because the its' camera didn't have that gopro fish eye picture. I was told the new goopro 4 black got rid of the fish eye, but at the end of your presenation, when you turned the camera on, it appeared to have that fish eye look.

  • Need support in Portuguese or Spanish!? I am braziliam

  • Sorry, I just saw your site.
    You have a basic model for sale ? Phantom 2 + v2 + FPV Gimbal goprohero 4 to black?

  • I have a GoPro 4 and would like to know how to use the GoPro with a phantom.
    I wanted to use the system Fpv but I do not know if I should buy the mini IOSD or just need to buy a monitor fpv
    What you think ?

    Thanks =)

  • How do you start filming with the Phantom 2, Gopro 4? Is there a button on the standard Phantoms that activates the gopro??