• Thanks alot for the tip

  • ugh I try but my gcc is just bitting ne

  • I would also suggest that you place the harness on a table with treats sprinkled around so your bird should eventually get used to it being a harmless to them, and even a paranoid bird loves treat's just got to be moderate with the fatty treats like sunflowers or mikeyd's fries and try to use a favorite fruit too. I appreciate your non forceful method of friending

  • Hello. My parrot is an Indian ring neck. He's so hyper & doesnt like anyone to hold his body or wings. Its gonna be really difficult to out a harness on him even after training. Kindly advice.

  • Why is dude never smiling?

  • I am considering a bird. I have never had one, so it's very informative to watch your videos. I am hoping to get an idea of what bird care looks like before taking the plunge. It a lot different than training a dog.

  • I came across your channel just recently and am really enjoying it. I don't own a bird right now but am thinking about it. I'm watching as many videos as possible to learn as much as I can before I get one. I like how calm and patient you are.

  • I bought my parrot a harness and Paco is terrified of the sight of it. He thinks it’s a parrot eating monster. LOL Thank you for this video!!!

  • Thank you ! I was searching for a nice method to start harness training.

  • What harness do you use for Smokey (brand). And what can I do to stop my parrot from laying eggs! She is not paired and been my owner for twenty years and has laid at lease 18 eggs in a year. I cannot bring myself to mess with her roudybush maintenance diet and starve her etc. I lost on africanby egg bound problems when I was in another state and was devastated.

  • What if they're not hungry?? :/

  • 뭔 소린지 아무것도 몰라요오..~

  • I can't wait to try this with my green cheek conure !

  • She seems super food motivated. It looked like she was doing begging behaviour for a treat by waving, and hoping to get one for that even when she was uncomfortable with the harness being so close to her. My bird is the opposite. I have yet to find a treat she likes. She's a starling, so her diet is pretty different from that of most parrots but she's incredibly clever. She has learned more words than my rainbow lorry, and she mostly uses them at the appropriate times. "Come here" when she wants me to go to her, that sort of thing. She does say "beautiful creature" or "who's a beautiful creature" a lot to herself, so I think she knows exactly what it means!

    Anyway, on to my question. How do you go about training a none food motivated bird? She will enjoy a treat one day, but not the next. And if she has to take even a step for a treat, she will pass on it and go and do something else. I do have this sort of odd treat toy that she usually loves. It's a cotton sock, filled with pellets for starlings and blackbirds. She loves to peck holes in the sock and pull treats out. It takes her a few seconds to get a treat out of it, but then I have to take it away from her, or she will just keep eating them and then not be particularly interested in it for a next few days. By taking it away after she gets one is she just thinking I'm mean for taking her treat away, instead of focusing on getting one to begin with? She loves being out with me, and will fly to me regularly, but she isn't an affectionate bird and does not enjoy being touched in any way, so I can't reward her with that. I hand raised her from what I'd guess was four or five days old (her siblings were dead and her nest was destroyed in a storm, there was no way to return her to her parents) and as long as I've known her, she's never enjoyed being touched. She's a pretty good bird, usually comes when she's called, only ever screams if something's wrong but I'd really love to be able to train her to do more than just the bird basics. I want to show any one who sees her how smart 'boring outdoor' birds are, that parrots aren't the only intelligent birds. Hopefully get people to reevaluate their opinion on all wild animals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as she's about three and I'm yet to find something she's willing to work for.

    Thanks for talking the time to read my book of a comment :). I really admire what you do, spending so much time trying to show people the compassionate way to take care of birds. I bet there are a good amount of birds out there who lead better lives because of you. I know mine do.

  • Thank you for making this video! I plan to get my African Grey Congo a harness and I wanted to know the exact way to do that doesn't cause damage to me and my parrots' relationship.

  • Great video, very informative!

  • Hi, I'm trying to harness train my rainbow lorikeet. Not sure what I can use as a treat. As my birds favourite thing is honey, do you have any tips, thanks

  • Hi there, my bird was given to me a few years ago from someone who never played with him. He’s a Patagonian conure and He is currently 8 years old but will never step up for me (or anyone else) , he only lets me pick him up by putting my hand behind him and he will back up on my hand. If I try and get him to step up he will bite me. Any advice? I never force him to do something he’s scared of. He undoubtedly loves and trusts me but I get confused on what to do at this point I try to be as calm and welcoming to him as I can but it doesn’t always work.

  • Brilliant advice, will begin to follow this approach and hope to see more of your videos. Take care.

  • good bird!
    great video!
    if i get a harness now, maybe i'll have my feisty parrotlet trained by the fall. 😉

  • Hope you post more videos on the harness training, l,m trying to get my Quakers to use it, but they still haven't let me put it on all the way😞

  • Smokey is beautiful and so relaxed with you!🕊lts easy to see she loves you very much!

  • Hello, I bought one 3 weeks ago, it's 5 and a half months old, but it's very bravo, it's a lot like I can teach you not to chop

  • would you like to donate $50-500 dollars to help me get a african grey i have don lots of resarch about them

  • My sun conure is a total diva we have her harness and we are starting training

  • Holy crap…. he is a bird wisperer! Keep up the awesome work.

  • My mother’s Eclectus would move towards me. She’d follow me up and down her perch every time I left and entered the room- so I figured she wanted some of my attention. I went to pick her up, and she bite through my jumper so hard, if I wasn’t wearing it, she’d have sliced a good inch hole into my arm. So, a little confused by that one.

  • I just want to thank you for the time and effort you set forth in your exquisite tutorials that benefit both bird and owner. I rescued two abused cockatoos and your methods have great improved my understanding of their psychology. I can offer these beautiful birds of mine a long over due chance to be happy. Thank you again.

  • Lol, I bought my cousin a harness for his ring neck, and the next time we visited, it was all shredded up, when I ased him what happend, he said that when he put the harness on his Ring Neck she'd nibbled every particle of it. Moral, make sure your Parrot is OK with the harness before certain shredding. 🙂

  • Harness training my budgie at its own pace would probably take longer than its life span right now, so I just won't harness train it unless it gets more comfortable around me first.

  • WingsNpaws, I hope you can help me out with this. I saw in your video that you were able to open your bird's wings and I was wondering how you got your bird comfortable with doing that.

  • You are the parrot whisperer!:D

  • I got a harness for my sun conure for Christmas I’m so excited to train him

  • Where can i buy a perch like that and how much does it cost?

  • Hey there! I love your channel 🙂 I was wondering if you have any tips to recondition my conure who I may have not trained in the smartest way on her harness when we first started a few years ago. I haven’t tried to put her on it in a long time maybe a year now but when we first did it sporadically for the first year or so I definitely may have been too forceful. Do you think there’s a way to regain trust and overcome her hate of the harness now? I want her to enjoy it and be able to take her outside without her chewing on it and being angry and sad 🙁