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  • is it worthy to buy the Hollywood package from the Osiris LUT? Thks


  • You mean polarizer? ND filters don't cut down reflections or bost saturation. You can get away without ND filters for most of the shots you did since you never fly close enough to any object. At that distance and speed, motion blur is undetectable

  • I just bought a DJI Spark and I was wondering if I should leave the camera on auto or adjust the settings to a certain set up to give me the best video to edit on premier pro. Could you make a video or explain the best settings to on the camera for this?

  • Nice tutorial , really cool to see your workflow.

  • Nice Video How about looking at this kind of videos on my channel?

  • Thanks for sharing. There's always something to learn when you watch another person's approach to working with Premier Pro. I would encourage most new editors to avoid LUT's, however. You should see the raw video, determine the look you want, and make all the adjustments needed. Using LUT's short cuts too many learning curves. They might be good to see other editor's creative use of the basic tool kit, but if you have learned to use the basic toolkit, you should then be able to see a LUT and create it from scratch quickly because you can see the "before" and "after" and know exactly how to go from one to the other using the full Premier Pro toolkit.

  • Hello Mike! Interesting tutorial, was a pleasure to watch.
    I shot my drone clips in 4k 30fps with double frame rate of course.
    In premiere pro before I start editing I interpret all the footage to 23,976fps and start working and final export will match the workflow fps.
    What is you opinion? Should I continue with this method or try to shot drone footage directly with 25fps?

  • what kind of nd filters do you use shutter or vivid collection please comment back!

  • Wow fantastic video.

  • thanks a lot for this bro
    truly helpful

  • Great knowledge thanks so much!!

  • Can you do this in davinci resoove

  • what kind of nd filters did you use vivid or shutter filters?

  • Very good video! But one thing that would make it better would be if you kept looking into the camera when you are talking, cause it gives you the feeling (just like irl) that you wanna get away or something. But on that note it was a very usefull video !

  • Such and informative video, Ive use Sony Vegas because i don't have the confidence to use my Adobe premiere however this vid makes it look so simple when it comes to Color grading etc, is it easy to use for transitions as well?

  • cinema look and rule of thirdh is myth dont do what other say you are creator do what like

  • Dang, the aspen is amazing

  • Hey man, this is very helpful. If you get a minute, I am interested in how to move 4k footage without losing quality in social media, sending files over the internet and uploading from my hard drive. Or if you think it could be the quality of my computer, hard drive, editing software (imovie at the moment), etc.? Keep it up, brother.

  • Thanks for the video! Helped out a lot. I’ve just bought my first drone and adding the video to my vlogs. Looking forward to shoot more!

  • any advice on white balance setting on drones? i usually leave it alone so not too sure how to adjust it depending on situation

  • Mike, does the Aspen LUT support Sony vegas pro 15? Or do i need to switch to adobe premiere? Currently i am using a trial version of the sony vegas pro 15 and i have learned so much in the past few days. I have even tried to record my own footage and it is right now on my channel for people to view. Sincerely Oka.

  • I’m definetly going to use these tips! Thank you so much! I am now planning to buy some ND filters for my Dji spark. You can define me as a new subscriber.

  • Great tutorial, thank you..

  • Hey man, I wanted to know what setup your running on a Mac? Do you have an ssd drive installed? Or do you use an external for all your data? Also, do you have a high ram capacity? My MacBook Pro seems to be slow in performance when trying to edit in adobe premiere, even after rendering just for playback.


  • hi ı dont have deluts cine4 please help me

  • can't download the presets website server is so slow … network failed even if my internet connection is fast.

  • great video Mike! I also liked the color grading you did on your talking head parts of this video. This was a good in depth tutorial. We made a similar video.

  • I learned like 5 mind blowing things that will make my life easier and videos better from this. Thank you so much! Subscribed.

  • When I keep changing LuTs in adobe premiere, I often get an error, then Adobe premiere crashes. Why aren't you getting the same? 😮 I was told its because I use custom luts saved in the creative folder. If you have any idea please help!

  • Hii great channel ☺ Keep it up!

  • Hey man, great video, quick question, what export do you use to make it appear so nice on youtube? (mine look good after export, but look like garbage after youtube upload) any tips would be great! thanks