There are many mountains in this world..most of them absolutely immovable..but there are some that connects with you and moves you every time you see them from any angle, anywhere…this is one such mountain that has made such an impact in my life..Kirkjufell …i know icelandic names can be hard to pronounce or you may laugh at it..the name indicates a Church Mountain hinting the shape of the mountain looks like almost an A frame. This mountain looks like this from this angle, pointed peak but not so much on the side, looks pretty flat and elongated. Flying the drone around here was a treat to the eyes at 7 am in the morning…this was shot little after sun rise. Although winds in this country can be a pain, especially wind gusts at higher altitudes, i didn’t find much problems flying it around…a 360 degree around this at this height is absolutely stunning…makes you want to be superman and fly up there…oh well..i ll be satisfied with my drone shot, don’t want to fall and break some bones trying to be superman…

  • : Grundarfjordur
  • : Hwy 54
  • : Iceland
  • : Iceland

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12 June 2016