Series about industrial places in Most district is continuing. Coal mining and changes in nature and surroundings and changes in people minds are here from 19th century. Because of industrialization, many villages were destroyed and many people moved to another place.
In second part you will see:
0:06 Ruzodol spoil bank
0:13 Chemical plant Unipetrol
0:33 Celio dump
0:38 Mining machine in Bilina mine
0:50 Bentonite mine Branany
1:10 Lake Most
1:16 Ruzodol spoil bank
1:22 Sludge lagoon Venus
1:48 Fountain of mine water
1:53 Mine Kohinoor II
2:04 Chemical plant Unipetrol
2:09 Mine Julius III
2:15 Lake Most
2:35 City Most

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20 May 2019