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Picture has been created with a Nokia 1020 attached to a GPS positioned RC-Helicopter.
Picture created with a mobile phone!

The copter had to clime for about 150 meter to get this aerial shot. Only 2 trains pass this viaduct per hour and the Nokia 1020 can only take one picture every 7 seconds. So if you miss the moment, the train is gone.

No Lightroom or Photoshop has been used to edit this picture. All modifications have been done with the Nokia 1020.

Flight altitude: 150 meters
Helicopter: Modified Henseleit TDR with AceOne controller (GPS controlled)

  • : Landwasser Viadukt close to Filisur in Switzerland
  • : na
  • : Graubünden
  • : Switzerland

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15 May 2014
Nokia, Lumia 1020