MINNEKHADA – Hiking British Columbia. It’s a natural park situated in northeast Coquitlam, British Columbia, alongside Pitt-Addington Marsh and the Pitt River. It is over 200 hectares in size, and features trails, rock knolls, abundant trees, birds and other wildlife. At the centre of the park is the main marsh area, divided into upper and lower sections, divided by a dike and small footbridge.

There are five lookout points in the park. Of these, Low Knoll with its full view of the lower marsh, and High Knoll with its 600 ft (180 m). elevation and view of the Pitt River and Pitt Meadows beyond, are among the most popular.

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Flying drones in Canada’s National Parks is prohibited unless authorised. See here : http://bit.ly/2alXX68 and here : http://bit.ly/2aBBcgV for more details.

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31 January 2019
British Columbia