I wanted to capture this special day for my brother David who has been my buddy, best friend, creative partner and my idol. His girlfriend Frances is a great gal whom he met in college at UCSD. She is a great equalizer for him (strong, super smart, strong, determined, driven and did I mention strong?).

So glad that David found someone whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with … so on July 19th 2014, David asked Frances to marry him in Santa Cruz, California at the Natural Bridges State Beach – in front of all David’s and Frances’ families… AMAZING

Location: Santa Cruz, CA – Natural Bridges State Beach
Music by Two – Analog Heart
Licensed with The Music Bed (themusicbed.com)

  • : Santa Cruz
  • : Natural Bridges State Beach
  • : California
  • : United States

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22 July 2014
Santa Cruz
United States
Natural Bridges State Beach