Tricia is in her natural element surrounded by the beauty of alpine lakes, peaks, glaciers, and sky.


Filming required Tricia to gain 5k vertical feet and endure bitter cold wind and rain, but for a few brief moments the weather cleared, allowing us to experience a serene moment in a beautiful ethereal landscape.

This is a revised version, with lovely new music composed by Tristan Barton – Check his work out – –

Also thanks to Tom Day and Monsoonsiren for use of the previous track ‘Interlude’, and a big ‘screw you’ to Gordon at Project Mooncircle for being an unnecessarily huge prick about non-commercial usage, even with artist permission.

And thanks to the model of course, Tricia Mack.

Current project casting –

  • : Seattle
  • : 55 S Atlantic St
  • : WA
  • : United States

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5 January 2017
United States
55 S Atlantic St
Dronescapes Book

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