Brazil is a giant when it comes to preservation and sustainability, as well as being one of the largest food producers in the world. The figures show that there are 177 million hectares preserved within rural properties, representing 48% of the total area occupied by farms, or 20.5% of the country’s total territory.
Total protected areas, such as Conservation Units (PAs) and Permanent Protection Areas (APPs), represent another 228.7 million hectares, almost 30% of the national territory. Together, preserved areas (on private properties) and protected areas add up to 403 million hectares, 47.4% of the country. By comparison, Lucíola explains that the whole area is equal to the entire area of the European Union plus 3.6 times the size of Norway. In the State of São Paulo alone, there are 3.7 million hectares in preserved areas.

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30 October 2018