Is a Quaker Parrot a good choice for a pet, Quaker Parrot Behavior, purxhasing a Quaker Parrot.



  • I’m homeschooled so these guys seem to be the perfect breed for me because I’m at home all the time.

  • I swear every comment I see has the word "Quaker" in it like if u agree 😂

  • Kevin my Jenday conure (you can see him on my FB channel " Watching our parrots learn and grow" OR here on youtube " The Parrot Blog " ) is almost 3 years old. He talks the most for my daughter and I. But not so much around my husband and boys. His "speaking voice" is one of the worst I heard for any parrot because Jenday conures can talk but its very hard to know what they are saying unless you already knowing thats ehat they are saying. But kevin can say "hello" no. What?! Step up , comeer (come here as comeer) , come on, okay ,wow,and he has copied some sounds my parrotlets make too.

  • And yes I love your video you are correct they are kinda shy when it comes to talking around others and it seems like they know when you are recording them and they are what is called cage aggressive but you can train then to get out of that behavior what I have noticed is they are a one person bird they connect to one person and that's who they spend all of their time with my birds name is Gizmo and he is a sweetheart to me only he will try to bite anyone else that reaches for him now he will sit on them and walk on them but they can't pick him up only me I used to be able to reach in his cage and take him out until something spooked him so I'm going to have to retrain him but you can also adopt birds from places like Phoenix Landing and there are other shelters that take in birds and maybe if you don't want to adopt maybe foster to help out I have 2 Cockatiels that I foster they are gorgeous that's one way ti see if you want the responsibility of a bird

  • I finally got another cage of two budgies to put across from Sammy's cage. Sammy is 12 years old and doesn't scream as much now she has them to talk to. I have to tell her, "No bitey" when she gets too excited. She is not mean, but doesn't know the power of her own beak. She is used to me getting her out of cage with a towel to catch her. She loves hiding in the towel and pretending she cannot hear me. She is very ornery and flamboyant. She lives in a Missouri cage, but she is illegal in Kansas . Julie Burge is her veterinarian. Burge Bird Services is an avian veterinarian hospital close to me that specializes in avian health: caged, wild and farm birds.

  • You are beautiful.
    Your parrot is lovely

  • I wish there was a way to tell if there male or female without DNA,

  • Well with my Quaker parrots, I always pick them up from the cage and they are fine with it. Am I the only outlier?

  • How do I introduce my not flighted quaker to my biting conure (flighted

    I love Quakers to pieces, but I live in stinky California where it's illegal to keep them. California allows illegal aliens the right to live here under "sanctuary state" law; however.😏 It's time to move, I guess. Frito is SO cute!!!

  • Very good information! Totally agree with the advice about spending quality time with parrots especially quakers. I work from home being home a great deal of the time is ideal for quakers. Quakers on a proper diet of pellets and vegetables and fruit not seed and junk live in excess of 30 years though. I like how she says she is only a frito expert. Thats good because every bird is an individual. I have two cages. I swop out toys and i make sure my whole household interacts with my quaker, friends men and women all have supervised handling. He is not cage aggressive. I think doing all these things help to make a balanced bird.

  • I've owned Quakers for 15 years and they can learn and figure things out being creative too

  • Your Quaker is so cute and you’re very similar to my quaker cheeky that’s his name

  • Hilarious video. Great advice and good teaching about this bird. However, not my type of a bird. I'm getting a linnie soon. I appreciate you make this video to teach beginners before they decide to get a quaker parrot. I'm so glad my parrotlet is so peaceful. He loves coming out of the cage when I put my finger in there.

  • He Loves You! I hope you still have him! I had a Conure and needed much attention!  My Quaker is very happy and know the story!……………Your Quaker LOVES YOU! SO SAD IF YOU HAD TO LET HIM GO! So Pretty and legal in Texas!……Your Presentation is very well done! Thank you for education on Quaker Parrots!

  • they are also illegal in many states.

  • I know this is an old vid, but about the freckle picking, what has helped trained my Quaker is if he goes to pick, turn your wrist so he goes off balance a little and that stops him. It’s helped me a lot maybe it will help you <3

  • I bought a cockatiel instead…

  • Hi! I'm kinda confused on what to get between a cockatiel, quaker, and a conure. What do yo think is better?

  • People assume that Parakeets are easier. Not necessarily. I have had several and depending on whether they were socialized early or not they can be docile or they can be really aggressive. I had one or two that were already well socialized when I got them and took very little taming but another one bit the hell out of me and took a very long time to tame. If somebody really wants to get something naturally docile they should get a dove. I had a white dove that was absolutely wonderful! She never once bit anybody, even unintentionally and I could put my hand in the cage and just pick her up with no problem. I had a Cockatiel and he was quite docile too. When I first got him he was a little nippy but not seriously and it took me about a week to fully tame him. After that he was like a dog. He followed me everywhere around the house and would sit on my shoulder. I never was able to get him to talk though. That was the only drawback with him. He was a great pet.

  • We have been researching Quakers for almost a year and feel it's definitely the right bird for us. We currently have a flock of 2 and I am home all day. Thank you for such an informative and honest video! Love to you both x

  • Awww he’s beautiful. He’s the same colour as my Quaker. Atticus is nearly 7 now, I’ve had him since he was a baby
    He used to be shy talking in front of people and on camera but as he’s got older he’s not so shy. You are spot on with your description, funny how they are all the same

  • I saw one of these at petco last night and i fell in love with it! Its name was Azuel so i have no idea if it was male or female.

  • Why do they shaker their heads like that.

  • If someone is worried about getting bit by a parrot of any kind don't get a Cockateil either. I'm 63 and I've had four of them in my lifetime and they can get moody and without any warning what so ever they'll bite the piss out of you. It really hurts and the blood flows freely.

    The one I have now was hand reared and I got him when he was 4 months old, he is a spoiled brat, but I love him. He spends most of his time setting on my shoulder when not in the floor getting into something. There have been many times when he'd be setting on my shoulder and without warning he'd bite the hell out of my ear and I'd bleed all over my shirt and it hurt pretty bad too. But even a parakeet can draw blood if they really want to. So for anyone worried about getting bit by a bird…don't buy a parrot of any kind. Your Quaker is beautiful!!!