Football celebration! It is 0:00 AM in the morning. The moment everyone awaited. The eye, as I saw it from up above. In fact, this is the 100th anniversary of one of the two biggest football teams in Bulgaria. After a special game with the legendary Italians from Lazio; the came for the big firework display came up. Along with it, the public was invited to fire up everything that they had… and all together produced this amazing, spectacular image. Wow!

  • : GoPro 3 Black
  • : DJI Phantom 1
  • : Sofia
  • : Evlogi Georgiev
  • : Bulgaria
  • : Bulgaria

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19 June 2014
Evlogi Georgiev


  • caca 1 year ago

    Flying with this thing over all this people??????

  • Toni Aleksiev 1 year ago

    this is the biggest football club in Bulgaria Levski Sofia

  • Yves Goergen 1 year ago

    I’d be a lot more worried about the fireworks in the stadium than one drone above. Or maybe that the drone could be shot down by some fireworks part. Apart from that, it’s a great image! At the first look, I thought it was some fan wars again…

  • GLOQON 1 year ago

    Hi Sveltin! That IS one hell of a picture!
    Do you think I can put it on a website of mine?