DJI Phantom 2 footage in 4k at 24fps. We explore different locations around Spokane Washington using our consumer UAV drone.

Locations include: Spokane Valley, Arbor Crest Winery, Spokane Falls at Riverfront Park, Post Falls Dam, Bowl and Pitcher, Newman Lake, and Plants Ferry Park.

The above video was shot in 4K so before you watch it go up to the little ‘Gear’ in the bottom right hand side of the video (settings).
(On a phone or tablet touch the video and make the three dots on top of each other appear in the upper right corner THEN choose the gear)

Choose ‘Quality’ and raise it to the highest setting that your computer will let you play. For best results use the ‘2160p 4k’ and watch at ‘Full Screen’.

DJI Phantom 2
Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal
GoPro Hero Black 4…
Flysight Black Pearl FPV (First person view. Direct feed off GoPro)…

Editing; FCPX (The editing software that used to be professional)

This video was filmed in February and the first week of March 2015.

The bulk of the video is underscored by Vivaldi – Four Concerti Grossi, Op.8 – IV. L’inverno – Allegro, Largo, Allegro.

This Royalty Free background music was furnished by….

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12 March 2015
United States
spokane falls blvd