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Enjoy your meal

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Cows by the meal

Summer Colours In Progress

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The early spring season is always one of stark and bleak colours. The snow has melted as winter fades from memory, however the colourful life of Spring has yet to begin. It's at this time that the farmers take to the ...

Navigating The Trent Severn

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The canal spanning the Trent Severn Waterway is one of Canada's hidden gems. We shot this during early morning conditions when the waterway was glass smooth and calm. I shot another photo as the family paddled towards...

Reflection Canal

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The canal spanning out of Balsam Lake, Ontario is an incredible place. Caught at the right time of day it becomes glass smooth and calm. We shot an early morning piece with the family behind The Land Canadian Adventur...


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Dorothy, Alberta is one of those unusual places that you need to see to believe. The near abandoned town is populated by only a small number of people, dotting the landscape across the canyons south of Drumheller. The...

Rolling Rays

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Nature will sometimes reach out and hand you a gift, this sunset was one of those days. I was out shooting a project for the tourism office at Rolling Grape Vineyard outside of Bailieboro, Ontario, Canada. It was an o...

Alpine Lakes

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Located at 9000ft, this lake sits at one of the mountain peaks outside of Revelstoke, British Columbia. These mountain ranges always offer incredible surprises, and this lake was one of them. We landed the helicopter ...

Tiny World

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Lighthouses through the 1000 Islands and Alexandria Bay, New York. These light houses are critical to the many ships that navigate the narrow rocky waterways. Photo: Justen Soule

Little Lake

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Little Lake's fountain, located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, has become a staple landmark of the landscape. Gifted to the city by General Electric in the 1950s, it was connection to the city and the large industr...

Chemong Sunset

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The sunsets across the calm waters of Chemong Lake as people fish and enjoy the Landscape. Ontario, Canada. Photo: Justen Soule

Early Bird

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First light as the sun cuts through the fog in the Kawarthas. Photo: Justen Soule

Yak herd

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Here the yaks feel comfortable.

Last sunbeams in the winter forest

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For a short time, the last rays of the sun will touch the tops before the night comes.

2018 Photo Contest

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A foggy morning captured in the Texas Hill Country - Texas, USA

Farmers work

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Harvest at full speed....

Field Art

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Hay bales harvest on the field...

Fog and rime

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Dreamland early morning...

Flock of sheep walk

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Sheep on a hiking tour.

Forest eye

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Hidden deep in the forest you can find this special little lake...

Harvest in late summer

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Harvest work on the field...

Forest worker

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Lumberjack in action.

Ice lake

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Ice art from nature....

Ice trees

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Rare draying on the lake.

In the middle

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Graphic winter landscape....