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3D Love

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My wife and I snapping a dronie together. I edited this pic for a 3D look and made an anniversary card out of it. ;)


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Bergamo, Industrial Area, Ex - Reggiani Macchine Professional Drones News and Drone's services.   Drone photogrammetry, inspection, thermography aerial video and drones sensor Contattaci siamo in via del...

Photographie aérienne drone Confluence à Lyon, France

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Photographie aérienne du quartier Lyon Confluence. Montage 3D dévoilant le projet du quartier avec l'autoroute déclassé.

Ermita de la Veracruz, Segovia, España

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3D Ermita de la Veracruz Drone S500 APM Xiaomi Yi+Canon 450d

Ermita de la Veracruz, Segovia, España

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3D Ermita de la Veracruz Drone S500 APM Xiaomi Yi+Canon 450d

Ermita Juarrilos

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3D Ermita de Juarrilos, Segovia

Switzerland // FRAGMENTS

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This is one of the most ornate videos I’ve ever made. Every scene is separately built and rendered. I worked with Maxons Cinema 4D in order to compose the different 3D objects into my aerial footage.


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Aerial 3D models

Auffargis, France

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Le traitement en 3D d’une vidéo et/ou d’images capturées par le drone de Captis Solutions. Un outil (Pix4D) Performant qui permet de travailler avec précision sur une visualisation en volume pour toutes sortes d’activ...

Granada, Spain

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Photogrammetry of a quarry placed near the city. 12 Ha surface, flight height 85 meters (278ft). Done with a Full Frame Camera (36mpx of resolution).


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Reconstruction of buildings using 3D rendering software and automatically taken photos from Phantom II V+

Castelnau-de-Levis, Tarn

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Digitizing process and workflow to recreate the ruins of an ancient castle in 3D, then exporting it to Google Earth as a model.


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Héli 3D movie

SPHERES – Aerial Video – 3D VFX

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Letztes bin ich auf einige merkwürdige Kugeln gestoßen, welche da einfach in der Luft gehangen sind. Das muss man natürlich filmen... :) Dank der neuen Version von Cinema 4D (R16) ist es nun für endlich möglich in ...

Utena, Lithuania

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Tundra Festival 2013, Lithuania. Use anaglyphic red/cyan glasses for 3D effect