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Black Slag

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Black mountain made of copper processing debris called Black Slag

Electric ray

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Electric ray

Lonely red car

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An empty parking lot, love those shadows and lines.

Goose Constellation

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Aerial view from geese in a frozen lake. The white ice along the border and pieces of it scattered around reminded me of images of space. The name of the Goose Constellation is Vulpecula.

Saltpans France!

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Salt extraction from seawater, little sheds and lots of streams through the landscape! This shot was buildup from 8 different pictures stitcht to one panorama!

Saltpans France!

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A composition panorama of 8 images made bij the mavic 2 pro.


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Starting the new 2019 with this abstract abandoned monument

Estuary in Bjorsa River

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Estuary of red river comming from farmlands and Bjorsa river, Iceland.

Wheat fields on former watlands

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Harvested wheat leaves an abstract pattern reminiscent of antlers spreading through this hilly territory in this desert region, thanks to the outlines of former wetlands in Aragon, Burgo de Ebro, Spain.

Crop Patterns I

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Top down view in a Saskatchewan farm field under harvest.

Crop Patterns II

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Like an abstract painting! This photo was taken over a Saskatchewan farm field as it was being harvested..


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Tina Menor Stuary. The place where Asturias kisses Cantabria.

What do you see?

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Abstract Winter River Bends

The Best Camping Spot

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An aerial perspective of camping in the winter

Another World

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Entranse to Another World

Somewhere Going Nowhere

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Sometimes you just need to sit and go nowhere


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Human Can't Live Without Others

Shadows on water

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Water background


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Abstract landscape


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Icelandic Landscapes


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Algea in a billabong forming an abstract fractal structure.

Pink Coloradas

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All you see is natural: on the edge of Gulf of Mexico, there is this small fisherman towns called Las Coloradas, where I found this out-of-nature pink lakes. Just next to a sandy beach and the ocean, in these ponds of...


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The incredible and unexpected beauty and art of earth.


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Looking directly down at a salt marsh behind san dunes along the Monterey Bay, California.