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After the rain....SAVE THE LAGOON !

Chiconi, Mayotte, Indian ocean

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During summer in south hemisphere, winter in north hemisphere, it rains....but not this year...but, after strong and short rains, it's orange sea!

The Peninsula

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The small Peninsula Eone marsh Denmark 2017

Thanda Tau, Vrede , South Africa

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Thanda Tau Game lodge


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Beautiful coral reef around a treasure, the Mtsamboro island.... well known for its green oranges, sometimes, the weather is nice with aerial photographers!

Las Vegas Ranch Prescott AZ 76 Acres for sale

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Short video of 76 Acres being offered for sale in Las Vegas Ranch which is just a short drive from downtown Prescott, AZ. Aerial Photography and Post Production provided by McQuality Designs & Services, LLC. Check...


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Promotional video for UK Docks. Shot using a DJI Inspire and OSMO.

Teesside, Middlesbrough

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Photography and promo video for UK Docks, Teesside.

PD Ports – Teesport

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Promotional video for Glencore Grain UK Ltd showing the country's biggest shipment of soya bean feed being unloaded at PD Ports Teesport. Film and video shot using a DJI Inspire 1 Pro. http://www.dronemybusiness.co.uk

Night time over lodge, Free State, South Africa

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Night shot over the lodge with Phantom 4 pro

Lioness soaking up the sun, Free State , South Africa

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Close up of the lionesses soaking up the sun

Lions in the sun, Free State, South Africa

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Close ups of young lionesses basking in the sun

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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This is the Cathedral at San Miguel de Allende Mexico. A little colonial town in the center of Mexico

Paricutin, Michoacan

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This is the only building (church) who survived from the Paricutin Volcan eruption in 1952 in Michoacan, Mexico. No one died on the eruption but the whole small town was covered by the lava except for the Church.

Cinqueterre, Italy

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Just a birds eye view from the coast of Cinque Terre. The colors and the contrasts and the texture was so great I had to capture it.

Cinqueterre, Italy

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While traveling through Italy, I decided to visit the 5 towns of Cinqueterre. It was quite cloudy and windy but I had to fly my drone and capture something.

Mexico City

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I was flying around Polanco and I notice below me this building with a couple of courts, one for tennis and one for Basketball and I though the contrast and the whole in the middle was very attractive.

Al Qudra Lake

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Al Qudra Lake dubai

IroniBe Mayotte, Indian Ocean

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IroniBe\'s mangrove, a biodiversity hotspot

Chembenyumba, Mtsangamouji, Mayotte

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Erosion visible de la plage d'Ambato, a Mtsangamouji