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Hill Top, Kemasik Beach

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Taken during sunset, top view of the hill near to the beach

Onian Farm in Samas Beach

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There is something interesting in Yogyakarta-Indonesia, which is onion farm. Precisely at Samas Beach, south of Yogyakarta. Onion vegetables are grown on sand beaches, not soil.

Ever Prosperity ship wreck

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Ship wreck of the "Ever Prosperity" in the south of New Caledonia.


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Cromer windmill

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Cromer windmill, built 1681

Small Lagoon & Big Lagoon, El Nido, Phillipines.

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The amazing contrast between the dark and bright deep forests surrounding the pristine clear blue water of the sea and the white spots of sandy hidden beaches.

Tree on Ricefield

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Indonesia is an agrarian country, where rice fields and fields become one source of wealth.

Bamboo Rafting

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Bamboo Rafting is traditional transportation in a village. In Java named "Gethek". Gethek as a mode of transportation in the river is one that still survive and needed by the residents of Hamlet Mirisewu, Ngentakrejo,...

Dome Houses

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This is unique houses in Sengir village, Sumberharjo, Prambanan, Sleman-Yogyakarta named "Teletubbies Homes". . The complex of these houses is known as the Domes House Complex. However many people call it Teletubbie...

Jombor Flyover

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Flyover be special facilities in the city as a means to reduce congestion where the total population is increasing from year to year.


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Luoghi abbandonati dall'uomo, resi spettrali. Un disastro.

Sunset in Pushkino

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Ufa River flows thru Pushkino town in Bashkortostan, Russia

Mexico City

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Mexico city at night

The Family

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A family.

The Dhows

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Traditional Dhow Boats off Zanzibar

Nicolae Dobrin Stadium – Pitesti,Arges,Romania

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Nicolae Dobrin Stadium , Night Aerial Landscape +/- 150 m Liga 1, play-out, etapa 14. FC Voluntari – Chiajna 0-1 Soccer Game

Aerial Views Of Gudauri

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Aerial Views Of Gudauri

Aerial Views Of Gudauri

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Aerial Views Of Gudauri

Desert Goats

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Desert Goats

Aerial view of mountains in Maleiha

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Aerial view of mountains in Maleiha