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Nyonié rivière, Gabon.

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The river of Nyonié in Gabon, a peaceful place where most animals feeding trough and my trap camera come very often. In edge of the river there exist several ways from which the elephants come and other animals. Ove...

Ndouni Gabon

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Palm-nut Vulture, The youthful ones and the immature ones are brown. The face and the throat yellow are diluted.

Trou du diable réhion de Nyonié Gabon

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Le trou du diable, c'est un endroit particulier avec une falaise abrupte de 45 mètres environ, la forêt tropicale est pratiquement au bord de la falaise...

Nyonié GABON

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A group of dolphin which does not hesitate to approach the coast of Nyonié certainly to nourish itself. Images realized with a Drone DJI Inspire 1

Cliff of Nyonié

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Cliff chains of the area of Nyonié in Gabon

Cliff of Nyonié

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Cliff chains of the area of Nyonié in Gabon

Ndouni Savana Gabon

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A quite green savanna of Gabon


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The Savanna of Ndouni in Gabon

Nyonié GABON

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Over the béti camp Nyonié GABON


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Vision with a drone Phantom 2, beach of Oyane in Gabon observation of shark


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The fishermen who make dried their tee-shirt on the boat after the installation of fishing net...


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Flight with an African Hawk-Eagle above the Beti camp in Nyonié in Gabon


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Eagles of Nyonié in Gabon


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Herd of elephants in Gabonese savanna.


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Oyane Beach & Cliffs of Oyane Gabon


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The fishermen of Nyonié, Gabon