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Spring sprinkler

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Spring flight, evening light, sunset in Belgium

Giant Lollipop

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Giant lollipop floating above Belgian fields

Aerial Diagonal

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Aerial diagonal - tractor at work

Rain curtain

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Time to land! Black cloud and rain curtain

Field of umbrellas

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Crowded Beach on a hot summer day, umbrellas blooming as flowers

Roller coaster, Walibi, Belgium

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Loup Garou (Werewolf) Roller Coaster , Walibi Belgium , summer flight

Ascenseur de Strepy

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Ascenseur à bateaux de Strepy- Bracquegnies, Hainaut, Belgique - Boat lifter in Strepy, Hainaut, Belgium

Tilt-shifted abandoned hospital, Belgium.

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Abandoned hospital nearby Wavre, Belgium, with a soft tilt-shift effect. Low fly, evening light, summer 16.

smooth morning flight

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Morning flight in may, ground still foggy

St Hilaire, Coupe Icare

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Aerial shot during Coupe Icare in Saint Hilaire, France 38

Colours of spring

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Evening flight on Belgian landscape

Above the clouds

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Turbines appearing above the clouds on a foggy morning

Catching the wave

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Surfer catching the right wave, Santa Monica Beach, California

Happy Face

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During a flight in France the surprise of catching a smiling face. Made my day

Air Balloon low fly by

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Black air balloon flying low, belgium

Mother Earth :)

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A pic with a high level of feminity

Sunset on Bouzigues, Herault, France

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Etang de Thau, South of France, Sunset summer 2016 - Bouzigues

Summer Sprinkler

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Automatic sprinkler duing summer 2015 in Blois, France.

Wavre Belgium

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Blind date in the Belgian sky

Corbais Belgium

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Above the lines on a Belgian field during last summer

Wavre Belgium

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Message in the snow..

Corbais Belgium

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E411 highway right in the heart of Belgium

Nethen Belgium

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Beautiful belgian scenery on sunset

Wavre, Belgium

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Highway around the trees in Belgium