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Top 5 Drone Inventions you Must Have

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Drone Inventions you never knew about..... Links Skyprowler Sprite Ghost Drone ... source

Summer skiing

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Summer skiiing at Voss, Norway

Spring skiing in May

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Last call for skiing here now

Spring skiing

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Skiing with the last snow, filmed with AIRDOG


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Airdog following me

Skiing in westcoast of Norway

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AIRDOG filming us skiing in mountain Valafjell nerby Voss, Norway


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Quadcopters are tricky enough to operate as it is, so then add the complication of co-ordinating sports in the mix and voilà... Instant chaos! Weather its a relatively peaceful sport like yoga or an already hazardo...

Rummu karjäär, Rummu, Vasalemma vald, Estonia

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This is Rummu, an abandoned soviet prison and open mine located in Estonia. Underground waters have flooded the quarry and the abandoned mine now is perfect MTB downhill playground! AirDog team joins Gusts & Janis...