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Mexican Airport

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I had the opportunity to work for Mexican Federal Aviation Agency and I took this picture

Abandoned Airplane Lightpainting

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Lightpainting over an abandoned aircraft (Boeing 727)

Fly-In, Shoot -Out 2018

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Just a little bit from the Fly-in, Shoot-out in Three Lakes, Wisconsin!!! Had a blast hope everyone enjoys! There is more to come!


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An old and broken seaplane waiting in the mangroves to become a tourist cocktail bar

Mallorca 4K – presented by FLÂNEUR

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Hey guys, I would like to share my unbelievable Mallorca experience with you. Enjoy the moment...

Antonov An-225 Mriya amazing takes off

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Corey Seemann landing his American Champion Scout

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Professional skier and pilot Corey Seemann lands his American Champion Scout for a night under the stars in his Big Agnes tent!

Flying the Fields!

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www.jeffzenner.com www.facebook.com/jeffzennerphotography

Flying the Border of the Field!

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Chasing Shadows!

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Spraying the Fields!

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Flying the Fields!

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A crop duster flying over a field of wheat! www.jeffzenner.com www.facebook.com/jeffzennerphotography

iran sky

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Sky of iran Kerman Zahedan Airway تصویری که در مسیر هوایی بین کرمان زاهدان از درون هواپیما گرفته شده کودکی همیشه فکر می کردم بالای ابرها چه شکلی است.

Lost in the Woods

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A plane in the woods

Airplane, Leon Guanajuato, MX

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Airplane, Leon Guanajuato, MX

Macau Bridge

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At the construction site of the Hong Kong Macau Bridge

Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong

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After sunset over the iconic Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong

Delta Wing, Skopje

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Nobody in this world is perfect, and even we do not pretend that we are. Often mistaken and rather ashamed of it, we decided it might be fun at our expense. In this first video we tested Delta wing plane. As the old s...


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Shots all over Finland. Summer passes through too fast. Is it because we are older or does it have something to do with the futuristic machines we glide with these days? Either way on this summer I flew a lot with my ...

Buga City, colombia

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point of view rc model airplane flight

Dublan Airstrip

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Invited by the pilots to film takeoffs, landings and fly-byes.

Early Morning Pollution

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Beautiful sunrise, yet industrial (and traffic) pollution evidently seen in other wise one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Celje, Slovenia, EU.


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Some sun with clouds.


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Airplane view over China