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Couple de cigognes

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Un couple de cigogne... Et trois de leurs bébés, parfaitement cachés sous la mère !

Coming Home

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A shepherd drives herd of sheep to the cage in Ninh Thuan, the hottest and driest region of Vietnam, that suitable for farming sheep. Everyday, shepherds drive the sheep from the cage to mountain at sunrise, and retur...

Animal Tracks

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Footprints of animals lead to Montezuma Creek after a late fall snow.

Animal Tracks

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Footprints of animals lead to Montezuma Creek in Colorado after a late fall snow.

Animal Tracks

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Footprints of animals lead to Montezuma Creek after a late fall snow.

The Dog

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estaba a punto de aterrizar mi drone y un perro se paró justo donde iba a aterrizar

The whale island

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This is an island near the beach which has the shape of a whale.

Drone Herding

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Drone Herding


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From West Greenland, I have sailed 6 000km over the course of eight weeks to Nunavut to explore and the document the Arctic Wildlife on Devon Island, Bylot Island, Baffin Island, Somerset Island, and the large Lancast...

High Tide in Isla del Moral, Spain

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The tides are provided by means of the attraction of the Sun and the Moon over the waters of the sea. The forces acting on the tides occur because the Earth is an extensive body and the gravitational field that is pro...

Low Tide in Olhão – Portugal

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Olhão - Portugal from above for my serie about high & low tides with my drone, 2016.

Walruses colony in Nunavut

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Walruses haul out to rest on beach. As the sea ice is retreats the future may not be looking so bright for the large marine mammal. With The walrus know as teh second animal the most dangerous in the arctic after ...

Thousand of belugas

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During summer thousands of belugas come in the shallow water of the estuars in Nunavut. They come for food and sractch their skins on the ground. After that they migrate south for the winter. We enter the bay, turned ...

Magic Sea Unicorn (Narwhal)

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After several days looking for the mythical animal called narwhal, we finally found them at the end of a fjord in Nunavut. Because they are hunted, they are really hard to approach. When I managed to film them from ab...


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Iceland sheep


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L'été des milliers de bélugas migrent dans les estuaires du Nunavut où ils viennent se frotter la peau dans les eaux peut profondes.

Sheepdog Game

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Katy (shepherd) and Sage (borde collie) play sheepdog in Prosecco Hills


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Buddy - Located in Eagle Bay, Western Australia.

Buddy V2

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Buddy located in Eagle Bay, Western Australia

Dolphin Buddies V2

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Dolphins at the Busselton Jetty in Western Australia.

Dolphin Buddies

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Dolphin Buddies at the Busselton Jetty in Western Australia

Earth is cracking

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I was following all the animals around this lac in Africa and when I saw all this kind of filament around the central point, I went up and saw what your seeing on the photo ;)

Wild horses in the mist

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Wild horses in the early morning mist.