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Pink flamingos and the pink lake

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Flamingos flying above te salt pond of Salinas D'Aigues-Mortes in Camargue NP, France

Mother and Baby

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A newborn Southern Right Whale swims with its mother in Cape Town, South Africa.

Drone Herding

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Drone Herding


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Vacas en Asturias


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Elephants from Zimbabwe


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Old railway


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Horses in the morning

Perú & Ecuador

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During 1 month we have traveled around Peru and Ecuador and I\\\'ve been recording from the air, with my Phantom4 from DJI. In total I\\\'ve recorded 4,5 hours. This is the first movie with some of this material.

Faro Lastres

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Faro de Lastres, Asturias, España, Spain, www.alphadrones.es

Squares cows expo

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Jubarte in Arraial do Cabo

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Sem dúvida este foi o melhor dia de filmagem de toda a nossa história. No Pontal do Atalaia, em Arraial do Cabo, fomos surpreendidos bem cedinho por um grupo de 6 baleis jubarte. Um sonho realizado e voltando para cas...

Two Moo

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Two cows take their morning drinks as the sun casts their shadows across the water.


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Flock of seagulls flying behind spring frosting tractor. This is just on flock of them but I don't lie if I say there where at least 5000-7000 seagulls on that field.

Magical ice

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Amazing 'animals' of ice, floating in a glacier lagoon in south Iceland. The biggest part of these small icebergs is below the water surface, giving a magic appearance.

The Pacific Coast Highway, California, USA

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All this footage was done with the official recording permits. The Pacific Coast Highway, in California, from the air. Done on my last trip during October and November of 2016, while visiting some of my best friends. ...


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Zoo park in Belgrade

Chasing Bambi

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Pronghorn Antelope, Chino Valley Arizona

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Small heard of Pronghorn Antelope in a prairie near Chino Valley, AZ.

Piano Battaglia, Parco delle Madonie, Sicily, Italy

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Some footages I got the chance to shoot on a beautiful day in Piano Battaglia, in the north of Sicily, while visiting some friends in August 2016. All footages shot with DJI Phantom 4. Music: "L'Origine Nascosta...