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Ap Chau aka Robinson Island, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Ap Chau, also known as \'Robinson Island\', is located at the eastern side of Sha Tau Kok, and the western side of Kat O. The area of Ap Chau is only 0.016 square km. It is one of the Hong Kong Global Geoparks. \'Ap C...

Duckling Hill, Tseung Kwan O, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Duckling Hill (also known as “Ap Tsai Shan”) is a hill near to Yau Yue Wan, it is 152m high. It is called Duckling Hill due to its previously duckling-shaped (now it was reconstructed for residential area).

Ap Lei Pai, Mount Johnston, Aberdeen, Hong KOng

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Ap Lei Pai is located in Southern District in Hong Kong Island, linked with Mount Johnston. At the most southern area of Ap Lei Pai, there is a lighthouse which was used for boat navigation in Lamma Channel.

Mount Johnston, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong

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Mount Johnston (aka Yuk Kwai Shan) is located at the eastern side of Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong Island, it is 196m tall, connecting with Ap Lei Pai. The name ‘Johnston’ comes from the former provisional Governor of Hong K...