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Lake Eppalock Victoria – Morning Sunrise

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Today begins with a perfect sunrise 🌅 👍 Early morning start shooting aerial photography in Axedale and Heathcote.

Victoria Hill Mining Reserve – Sunrise

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Bendigo is definitely in the spotlight after an incredible Easter Festival and weekend. Early morning sunrays over Victoria Hill Mining Reserve.

Bendigo Buildings at Sunrise – CBD

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Morning sunrise 🌅 and reflections highlighting some of Bendigo's iconic buildings ❤️

Stockton Beach

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Stockton Beach on a pleasant day. Hard to imagine that this area is subject to sand erosion.

Central Victoria Aerial Photos | Bendigo Aerial Landscape Photography

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Central Victoria Aerial Photos. Best drone landscape photography from 2018. This is a collection of photos we captured via aerial drones.

2018 Drone Showreel – Central Victoria

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Central Victoria 2018 drone compilation "A View from Above" is a short film showcasing some of Regional Victoria's beautiful locations and landmarks as seen from 400 feet. Visit the link below to read more about comme...

Bridge over Turquoise Water

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Forster- Tuncurry Bridge on a summer morning

Misty morning at the Peninsula

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Dawn, Australia Day, 2019

Albert Park Lake and Melbourne CBD

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Happy New Year/ Checkout Melbourne and Albert Park. We hope you have a great 2019.

Wolfe Creek meteorite crater, near Halls Creek, Australia

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Wolfe Creek meteorite crater is situated 145 Km south of Halls Creek. The crater is approx 800 mts in diameter and 60 mts deep

Everlasting Daisies near Denham, Australia

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The semi arid landscape near Denham, becomes a sea of yellow during the wildflower season.

The salt pans of Salt Creek, South Australia

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Pinkish salt pans in South Australia's Salt Creek National Park.

Wild Flowers near Carnarvon, Western Australia

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Yellow, white & mauve everlasting daisies contrasted against the red soil of the Australian outback.

Clay pans and wildflowers, Carnarvon, Australia

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Large clay pans intersperse the fields of yellow and white everlasting Daisies. Photograph was taken when the sun was low in the sky, so that the surrounding vegetation cast long shadows on the landscape.

Sea of Gold

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Canola crops in bloom near Mingenew, Western Australia

Port Gregory pink lake

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Port Gregory pink lake, also known as Hutt Lagoon. The pink colouration is due to the presence of carotenoid-producing algae Dunaliella salina. Port Gregory is a small fishing village in Western Australia

A sea of gold

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Canola crops at Mingenew, Western Australia


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Perfect chill

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The best place to chill

Gang of Dolphins

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30 dolphins surfing the waves