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Have you ever felt alone? What if the islands are alive? seeking shelter, seeking friendships. Good thing Philippines, has more than 7,100 island to befriend with.

Baler Aurora rock formation

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Awesome rock formation in one of the top surfing spot in Philippines.

Waiting for the wave at Sabang Beach Baler

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Surfers wait for the great wave at Sabang Beach

Chasing Birds at Baler Rice Fields

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Chasing birds at baler rice filed is not that easy

Sunset at Baler Rice Fields

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Stunning sunset at Baler Rice Field

Ampere Beach Baler a closer look

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A new perspective of Ampere Beach Baler

Cloudy Afternoon at Ampere Beach in Baler

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New perspective of Iconic Ampere Beach in Baler

Sunset at Baler Rice Fields

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Majestic sunset at Baler Rice Filed taken before going to town proper