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A walk into the horizon

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Taken during sunrise at Germany's Baltic coast.

Rocky beach

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Aerial photo of rocky beach in Estonia.

Rocky peninsula

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Aerial photo of rocky peninsula in Estonia.

Above the clouds

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Warm weather and cold water temperatures make the Baltic Sea steam in springtime. This photo is taken with drone 150 meters above the sealevel and the clouds/mist in Estonia.

Iron lighthouse

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Saxby lighthouse, a.k.a. Vormsi lighthouse was constructed in 1864, and it was the first Gordon system cast-iron lighthouse in Estonia. Parts of the defensive system of Peter the Great sea fortress constructed in the ...

On the coast

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Coastline of Vormsi island in Estonia. Photo is taken in springtime.

Summer evening

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Beautiful calm summer evening on a small island of Vormsi in Estonia.

Coastal road

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Coastal road on Vormsi island in Estonia.


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Port of Sviby on small Vormsi island, Estonia. Vormsi is the fourth-largest island of Estonia, located between Hiiumaa and the mainland with a total area of 92 square kilometres. Vormsi's history as an inhabited islan...


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Calm summer evening on Vormsi island in Estonia.

Burned down

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Drone shot in a bog which was burned down some years ago. Dead burned trees are lying down side by side. I am standing on the little sandy hilltop among the dead trees.

Piece of peninsula

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Abstract view on Sõrve Peninsula in Saaremaa, Estonia.

Sunset colours

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Saxby lighthouse in Vormsi island, Estonia.