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Pure morning

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A calm summer sunrise over the Biarritz port, France. Taken with all the necessary flight authorizations.


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'Sierra de Sálvada' is the mountain that marks the natural limit between Burgos and Basque Country along its 25 km. Its steep slopes in the north frequently produce the Föhn effect (the locals name 'el Bollo'), by whi...


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Lakes in La Arboleda, Trapagaran, Basque Country


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Waterfalls in Pedrosa de Tobalina, Burgos, Spain


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Gorbeia Natural Park beech forests fill with golden colors in autumn


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Antique roman road near the Camino de Santiago in Navarra

AMURRIO mountains

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El otoño enciende los colores de un viejo bosque que sobrevive entre pinares

ANBOTO mountains

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The Anboto mountains is a mistic place for the basque people. In this panoramic view whe look also a basque tipical house

Basque country, France

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sunset above my home

Urkabustaitz mountains. Basque Country

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From the sky our nature landscape make a new reality

SouthWest, France

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Showreel from PIKTair director

Cenitz beach, Guéthary, Aquitaine, France

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Guéthary, on the rocks.