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Museu do Amanha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Welcome to Rio de Janeiro… Golden beaches and lush mountains, samba-filled nightlife and an impressive football match: I invite you to visit Cidade Maravilhosa (the beautiful city). Looking at the top of the 710...

Vuliagmeni Lake

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lake with hot springs


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У подножия Афин , маленькая бухта с яхтоми

Gabon bay of Nyonié – november 2018

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A beautiful panorama of the bay of Nyonié in Gabon (2)


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HDR Panorama of Garachico in Tenerife

Betty’s Bay Road

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The beautiful coastal town of Betty's Bay in South Africa.

Shallow Water

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People having fun and relaxing on a Sunday morning at the beach. Livin la vida Mexico

Stone Island Bay

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Near Stone Island, Mazatlan you can find this pool like beach with amazing restaurants for you to live the real Mexico.

Green Egg Island, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

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Green Egg Island a.k.a Lan Pai is located at the eastern side of Tai Leng Tung. It was so-named since its shaped is liked a green pouched egg. It is one of hotspots for scuba-diving.

Anse Patates, La Digue, Seychelles

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Anse Patates (Patates Bay) is a small beach, located in the north of La Digue, right next to the Patatran Resort. The beach itself is not too crowded, making it a peaceful, relaxing option in the north of the island o...

Caló des Moro, Mallorca, Spain

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This is one of the most iconic "calas" on Majorca. The beautiful little, hidden beach makes it very special, even for Majorca. If you want visit you'll have to walk 45 mins from the next parking, but it's worth it!

Provideniya bay

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village from the sea

Pak Shui Wun, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

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Pak Shui Wun is locatd in Tai Po Tsai, Clearwater Bay, next to HK Science & Technology University. Pak Shui Wun Waterfall is one of the spots in Pak Shui Wun, it is almost the highest waterfall in Hong Kong.


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La linda Tocopilla

Prčanj – Montenegro

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Bucht von Kotor

Fishing Village

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Fishing Village in Bai Tu Long

Mount Parker, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

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Mount Parker is located at the eastern side of Hong Kong Island, it is 532m high, is the highest peak in Eastern District. ‘General Rock’ is one of the hotspots located at the north ridge of Mount Parker.

Starfish Bay, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong

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A beach in Ma On Shan, near Lok Wo Sha, it is known as “Starfish Bay” because little crabs and starfish can be found around the swallow water in that beach. But, due to the rapid developments nearby, starfish is not e...

Baie de Quervière

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La baie de Quervière, paysage de la Hague dans la Manche (Normandie)

Beautiful aerial view of the ocean bay at Ponce Inlet, Florida, USA

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Beautiful aerial view of the ocean bay at Ponce Inlet, Florida, USA

Bay of Sallenelles

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Bay of Sallenelles, estuary of the Orne (France, Normandy)

Lo Fu Tau, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

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Lo Fu Tau is located at Lantau Island, it is 465m high, it is located in Lantau North (Extension) Country Park. Lo Fu Tau Country Trail was built on 2011, which is more convenient for hiking. Lo Fu Tau, conceptually t...

Bay of Sallenelles

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Bay of Sallenelles (estuary of the Orne), taken at sunrise


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Vacation in Roatan