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Sunset in the backcountry

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Sunset in the backcountry.

Over the forest

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Some danish forest

Before night fall

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Hovering over Susaa river just as the sun is setting and the stars are coming out.

Rural country

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View over Susaa valley and the new road at sunset.

Its a surreal world

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At times you just got to let your fantasy take control and create images out of this world, been spending most of the day transporting a humpback whale and her calf to this litte lake and back to the ocean, for an ama...

The bike bridge

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A bike and pedestrian bridge crossing a highway

The bend

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The road bend

Trees on road

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Road trees


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View over Naestved Denmark

Two trees

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Two road trees casting shadows

Two trees

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Two trees casting shadows by the low sun

Curved road

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A curved road with trees on the side

The new lake by the roundabout

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The new lake by the roundabout just in the outskirts of Naestved Denmark

Sunset over Naestved Denmark 2017

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Beautiful sunset Denmark 2017