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Parrot Disco Drone Flight 1000m up in Alps Mountain Glacier at 3200m altitude !!!

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Take your eyes in a Drone Parrot Disco original 1000m flight in alps for a 18 min up to 3200m flight a the top altitude from sea level. Flight to a big Mountain ... source


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hugh rotary excavator

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hugh rotary excavator photographed by drone in a coal mine


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The things you find sometimes are just as impressive as knowing that they are there for a reason. Newly developed pier park in Hoboken New Jersey. Pier C Park

IJburg, Amsterdam

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An edit of three big silo's in Amsterdam

San Jose – Costa Rica

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San Jose - Costa Rica

Boats N Hoes 2015

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Boats N Hoes 2015

Lost At Sea

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Some picture from ship.

Lost At Sea Port

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Some picture from ship.

Muelle Fiscal, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

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Tula Oil Tanker anchored on the Mazatlan port dock as it unloads his charge.

Prohodna cave, Bulgaria

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Isn't nature truly amazing? A favorite spot of mine that I have known for years now - the "Prohodna" cave, which translated is like "The passage". And true enough, one can enter from one side, and exit through the oth...