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Rail Trail Bike Life

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Montour trail direct overhead of railway next to trail.

Trails Transform America

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This is an overhead of the the Montour trail in western Pennsylvania which I had the pleasure of mapping this summer. This promo particularly points out an ideal diverse transportation system in the US. 2 Rail lines, ...

Rail Trail

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Great Allegheny Passage rail trail overhead

Aerial View of Lake Vaner, Sweden

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Starting from Bobacken boat dock on Lake Vaner late in the afternoon just before dust, a low-light view of gigantic Lake Vaner (Europe\'s second largest freshawater body), featuring rocky shorelines, islands, and dens...

Around the World

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A compilation of my favorite shots from around this world this past year

Sand Harbor State Park, Nevada, USA

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Beautiful Sand Harbor State Park located on the East shore of Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe

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Droning is the art of capturing aerial photography and/or videography through the use of a drone. Drone Promotions participates in Droning when capturing unique media for creative clients in the greater Lake Tahoe are...