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Biscayne Bay

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First edit, first post. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks so I can get better! Criticism welcome!

Biscayne Bay

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My first post, hoping to get better! Any tips or criticism is appreciated!

Dog Beach Key Biscayne Florida

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Dogs get a piece of paradise here :)

Miami Skyline and Perez Museum Magic

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These magic colors are the best contrast for an excellent mix: art, water, and city.

Miami Perez Museum

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The Miami Perez Museum is just an oceanfront art jewel in Miami Biscayne Bay

Paradise Life Sailboats

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These sailboats are a dream in paradise life Florida

Miami Biscayne Bay Watson Island

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Splendid view of Watson Island in Miami

Luna in Green The Super Mega Yacht

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Another fantastic shot of Luna the super mega yacht at The Deck in Miami. Amazing colors!

Luna The Super Mega Yacht

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This is probably one of then best shots of Luna, the world famous super mega yacht under perfect sunny blue skies at the Deck in Miami... Monumental!

Miami Colors on Biscayne Bay

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Is this extracted from CSI Miami? We love the colors!

Biscayne Bay Bridge

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The majestic looks of this bridge over Biscayne Bay in Miami are just gorgeous

Biscayne Bay, FL USA

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Biscayne Bay, view from the drone.

Sunny Isles, Florida

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15 Seconds of Flight - Short and sweet UAV flight clips. Shot in Miami Beach, Florida using a quadcopter and GoPro3 camera. http://www.facebook.com/Aerial514 http://www.Aerial514.com http://www.AerialPhotoMi...