Tag: Brazil

Serra de Santa Helena

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The last sun's light giving room to the light of the cross and its path

Pontao da Fortaleza

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The point of the Fortaleza beach in Ubatuba, Brazil, and mountain backdrop.

Love is all around you!

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A natural reminder that we are surrounded by love, if you're looking in the right places!


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Calm beach stretch in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. A reminder that patience is a virtue. ;)


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Sunset in Tietê-SP - Brazil

Get high, stay high!

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Flying high above Santa Rita beach looking back at marina and mountains, along the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Praia da Fortaleza boating

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Beautiful brazilian beach along the coast of Sao paulo State.

Corn Crop

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Seasonal corn crop in the district of Congonhas/PR, Brazil.

Cristo Redentor

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Early morning view of the city's most famous icon.


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Surfing Girls, Summer Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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Her name is Julia, surfing girl.

Sunrise fly in Balneario Camboriu, Brazil

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Flying to catch the sunrise colours over the city is totally worthy.

Overhead Filter Pop Out

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Overhead shot edited for a more 3D look.

Illabella Beach Boats

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Boats outside a yacht club in Illabella, Brazil.

4 Color Boat flag

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And edited boat overhead, to look similar to a pattern or flag.

Boats in Rio do Fogo, Brazil

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Barcos de pesca na cidade do Rio do Fogo em RN, na época do defeso de lagostas e outros frutos do mar.

High tide in Cascavel, Brazil

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For my serie about High & Low tides.

Flying over Curitiba

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A little clip I made with some left footage.

Last sunrays on Shelves Massif, Itatiaia, Rj, Brazil

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Shelves Massif is formed by huge blocks of rock, its highest point being 2,540 m above sea level. It lies in a region of altitude grasslands and has one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Paraiba River Valley.

Prateleiras (Shelves), Itatiaia, RJ, Brazil

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The Shelves (2540 m above sea level) in Itatiaia National Park

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