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Coffee fields

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Different qualities of coffee being prepared for export, Brazil

Straw of Parnaíba – Brazil

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In the Northeast of Brazil, the predominant usual temperature is around 30-40 degree the entire year. This temperature in the dunes goes up a little, the sensation could get 45 degrees or more. That day, the winds wer...

The wedding in Rio de Janeiro

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The wedding ceremony by the lagoon in Rio de Janeiro.

Farm Tapijara

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Brazil agro

Waiting for THAT wave

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Early morning. It's time to wait for THAT wave, surf a bit and start a great day!


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Fishermen in Brazil wake up early, take their crafted boats and go fishing to feed us.

Good Morning!

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Surfing while the sun rises :)

Skate Park

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Classic skate park at Curitiba / Brazil

Early Surfing

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Early surfing in Brazil.

29 de Março

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A "plaza" near home.

Leisure and Geometric Shapes @ Sao Jose dos Campos (SP) – Brazil

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Leisure and Geometric Shapes @ Sao Jose dos Campos (SP) - Brazil

Serra de Santa Helena

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The last sun's light giving room to the light of the cross and its path

Pontao da Fortaleza

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The point of the Fortaleza beach in Ubatuba, Brazil, and mountain backdrop.

Love is all around you!

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A natural reminder that we are surrounded by love, if you're looking in the right places!


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Calm beach stretch in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. A reminder that patience is a virtue. ;)


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Sunset in Tietê-SP - Brazil

Get high, stay high!

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Flying high above Santa Rita beach looking back at marina and mountains, along the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Praia da Fortaleza boating

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Beautiful brazilian beach along the coast of Sao paulo State.

Corn Crop

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Seasonal corn crop in the district of Congonhas/PR, Brazil.

Dronestagram drone photo contest 2018

Dear members of the Dronestagram Community,

It has been a pretty long time waiting but here we are: starting today, we are thrilled to announce that the Dronestagram 2018 drone photography contest is open, in partnership with our friends at studioSPORT!

From now and until November, 11th, 12 AM, you can post your best drone pictures to share the beauty of the world seen from above.