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River SP

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Fun Park

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Fun Park São Paulo - Brazil


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Monochrome image of lake and forest boundary.

Boreal Forest

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Monochrome aerial image of hilltop coniferous forest.


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trees cutted

Vilnius Downtown Konstitucijos Avenue (Black and White)

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Black and White version - Night aerial view of Vilnius downtown (city center)

Flying over Curitiba

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A little clip I made with some left footage.

Roof of the church

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Kostelík sv. Jiljí v Libři, Česká republika -------------- Church of. st. Giles in village Libeř, Czech Republic

Seagulls Over Sand

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I don't notice stuff like this when it's happening. I was focusing on the water rushing up the beach and didn't see the seagulls below me until I got the images home on the big display. Surprise! I love when this happ...

Above the Birds

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I love when this happens.


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detailes ...


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detailes ...


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detailes ...

Lever du jour à la” Taillante” de Pène Sarrière

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Lever du la Taillante de Pène Sarrière au dessus de Gourette Pyrénées Atlantiques

Church in black and white

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Church in Kaunas, Lithuania, top down view, edited in black and white

Amazing Cityscape from Park Vermezo

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Amazing Cityscape from Park Vermezo, Budapest, Hungary

Aerial – Resort – Thailand

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Aerial shot I took over resort was visiting in Chiang Mai Thailand. Changed it black and white and left the pool in original colour. I love swimming and is always my highlight.

Penha’s Church, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

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It stands out for popular devotion, widespread in almost every country, and the original location, on a cliff high enough and pure rock, causing it to be seen from miles away. It was built in 1635, as simple and ru...

Justice Palace

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Justice Palace in Rome

Psáry, Czech Republic

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Black and white winter.


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Upper view of a road in Transylvania

Red Lake, Harghita, Transylvania, Romania

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Aurel, France

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Renault 4L

Campsite Aurel, France

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Do not dive