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Farm in the moor

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After heavy rain and strong winds the moor was full of water and the Aare full of water.


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Due to heavy rain and strong wind the peninsula of Niederried was flooded and many trees felt down.

Moor in the winter

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A moor along the Aare.

The Wizard of (Og-) Oz

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The ruin of the castle of Ogoz island.

Under the bridge

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A skiff rowing under the Wohlei bridge close to the capital of Switzerland.

Blossom Road

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A road on the country side in the middle of blossom tree.

Rousseaus’s Island

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JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU AND ST. PETER’S ISLAND "Of all the places where I have stayed (and there have been some lovely ones), none has left me as truly happy as St. Peter’s Island. I was only able to spend a couple of ...

On the border of the road

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The plateau de Diesse close to the Chasseral, the highest mountain of the Jura

Water Gateway

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A canal is connecting two ponds of the Alte Aare

Wooden Hammer

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A dead tree in the water looking like a huge hammer

James Pond

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Pond of the old Aare.

Colors of the dirt

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Patterns of colors created by the water in the dirt

Hole in the green

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The mavic is creating small waves and an hole on the green surface of the pond.

Dead tree in the water

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A fallen tree living it's second life in the pond

Sunset in the moor

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Renaturated river of the Aare in the evening sunset.

Sunset in the forest

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The last sunbeams are illuminating the trees in the forest


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Irrigation to make plants grow.

Botanic Pattern

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Patterns created by flower plantations in the paradise

Aerial Flowers in the paradise

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Flower plantation as seen from the air

Shop le shop

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Nobody to shop at this time of the night


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The Grenchenberg is a mountain of the Jura, located on the border between the Swiss cantons of Bern and Solothurn. The mountain is named after the town of Grenchen, located on its south side.

Via Romana

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View full of wonderful clouds towards the Jensberg and the old roman town of Petinesca in the village of Studen in Canton Bern.

Cars, cars and more cars

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Cars waiting to be delivered...

Shop different, shop Le Shop

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Nobody to shop at this time of the night.