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Tramuntana Drone: Longing for summer

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Longing for summer!

Tramuntana Drone: Stormy sea in La Fosca

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Relax with the images of the stormy sea from some days ago on the beach of la Fosca.

Tramuntana Drone: Club Arquers Esclanyà

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This is a video I made for the Archer Club of Esclanya, they were having a meeting of all the archers of the club. Hope you enjoy it!

Tramuntana Drone: Paddlesurfing

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This is my cousin, I asked him to take the paddlesurf out to film him a bit. This was recorded in summer 2018. Wishing for summer 2019 to come already! Hope you like it, even when he falls :)

Poblat Ibèric de Castell

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Iberian village near the beach of Castell, in Palamos, Catalonia

Tramuntana Drone: Castell Montgrí

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Video of the Montgrí castle in Torroella de Montgrí, Girona, Catalonia. vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/254219163

Underwater scooters

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Divers using scooters underwater

Side-by-side diving boats

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Side-by-side diving boats before the divers get into the water

Castellers on a Boat

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Some kids from els castellers de Santa Cristina d'Aro enjoying a rido on a menorquina

Tractor plowing

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Tractor plowing some fields near Torrent, in l'Empordà, Catalonia

Archers in a contest

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Archers participating in a contest in Esclanya, with the Archers Club Esclanya

Sunrise in Port d’Aro

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Sunrise in Port d'Aro, Platja d'Aro, Catalonia

Dusk in Sa Conca

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Sunrise on the beach of Sa Conca, Platja d'Aro, Catalonia

Sunrise Sa Conca

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Sunrise in the beach of sa Conca, in Platja d'Aro, Catalonia

Castell de Montsoriu

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Gothic Castle in Arbucies, Spain

Castell de Montsoriu

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Gothic Castle in Arbucies, Spain

Castell de Montsoriu

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Gothic Castle in Arbucies, Spain

Turistic boat

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Turistic boat in Roses, Catalunya.

Trekking set – The father & son

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Trekking set - The father & son


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