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Rice Farm Harvest – Chiang Mai Thailand

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An aerial I took over the rice fields of a recent rice farm harvest in rural part of the northern Thailand Countryside.

Golf Course Aerial – Chiang Mai – Thailand Countryside

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Captured this aerial over the beautiful golf course and nature around Chiang Mai.

Aerial – Lake Meets Forest – Chiang Mai – Thailand

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• HIDDEN NATURE • ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ The one thing I love about Chiang Mai is the fact you can be in the city one minute then 20 minutes later you can be by a lake and a forest. #northernthailand will always br...

River – Bridge – Thailand – Sunrise

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Morning Bridge Sunrise Aerial. River In Thailand

The Lonely Fisherman – River – Thailand –

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Captured this aerial at sunrise of a lone fisherman who was wading into the river to catch fish with his net.

Sunrise – Over Northern Thailand Countryside – Chiang Mai

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Early morning sunrise above the rice fields of Northern Thailand - Landscape

Aerial Countryside Thailand Landscape

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Aerial over the countryside or Chiang Mai

Sunrise – Mountains – Thailand

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Sunrise Flying Over The Mountains of Northern Thailand

People Doing Morning Exercise In Stadium – Sunrise – Thailand

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People doing morning exercise in Thailand

Royal Garden Project – Thailand

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Aerial View Of The Royal Garden Project Chiang Mai Thailand.

Chiang Mai Drone – Travel Thailand Aerial Footage – 2017 – DJI Mavic Pro

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Amazing Chiang Mai from the sky. Drone Footage Of Thailand Dji Mavic I love to travel and explore and recently compiled one of my first videos with the mavic pro of places I have travelled to around Chiang Mai. E...

Mountain Morning Mist – Sunrise Chiang Mai Thailand

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•MOUNTAIN MIST• Waking up early to catch sunrises where you are is such a magic experience. This drone shot I caught outside #chiangmaicity recently watching the stillness of the mist as it sits over the mountains of...

Golf Course Path – Thailand – Golf Course – Chiang Mai

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The golf cart path alongside the green at Chiang Mai Golf Course,

Aerial Patterns – Golf Course – Thailand – Chiang Mai

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Creating patterns from the golf course in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Temples In Thailand, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand Flying Drone,

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Today was one of the most magic moments I have had exploring in about 1 hour outside of Chiang Mai Thailand. In this chiang mai drone video I went to a mountain temple and caught a beautiful sunset and by chance 3 you...

Golf Course In Chiang Mai Thailand

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The patterns you see from golf course designs above is incredible.

Car In The Forest Track Of Northern Thailand

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Captured this car deep in the middle of the mountains on a single track ledge about 4 km from the main roads

Wat Phrathat Chom Sak, Chiang Rai, Thailand

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By pure chance, we discovered this beautiful little temple in the north of Chiang Rai.

chiang rai

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Wat at Rong khun is known among foreigners as the White Temple..lt is artistically different from other temples in Thailand. The temple was built by artist , Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat, who is well*know throughout T...

chiang mai

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Charming quiet and calm resort almost like a Private Retreat. traditional wooden rooms are cleaned thoroughly, the restaurant is nice. There is a beautiful Temple with in walking distance, there is a canyon close ...

Chiang mai & chiang rai

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round trip in north thailand Aerial view by drone and gopro discovery 5 places original for my round first trip in north thailand 2 hotels resort out of city at good rate price and comfort 1 waterfall amazing in ...

The City of Chiang Rai looking north east. Thailand

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Over looking the city of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Wasn't the clearest of days, but the picture turned out alright.

Chiang Rai, Thailand

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This photo is taken right above my house. Unfortunately we don't have this view from our house due to trees. I live in a beautiful area of Thailand.