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Best of Altay nature from above

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Unforgettable summer trip along the Chuisky tract and the Katun' river. Spectacular and picturesque landscapes of Lake Teletskoye. And also, in the village of Artybash, we managed to attend the celebration of firework...

Perfect chill

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The best place to chill


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Sometimes in a virtual world in you need to relax and chill.


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Unicorn. Pegasus. Duck.

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Unicorn. Pegasus. Duck.

Just chill

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Enjoy the instantz for this afternoon

Just chilling on summer

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Just chilling on a hot day in summer

celebrating summer

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Beach fully packed on the sunny summer day in the city of Senj by the Adriatic Sea.

Etang Salé, Reunion Island

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Love this peaceful moment ... chilling, watching the sunset and listening the waves I firstly, went to this place called \"Vieille Pompe\" to make a timelapse of the sunset... he was toooo bright so I did this shor...


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Man chilling on the large chair.

Laguna Beach

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Beautiful day in Laguna Beach! Subscribe for more awesome videos!!

Puerto Escondido

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La Punta Zicatela, surfers's paradise in Mexico


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Man taking a nap on the edge of the fountain.

kayaking I Trakai, Lithuania

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Kayaking in the lake of Gėla, Trakai.

sky port I Trakai, Lithuania

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Two yachts moored to a footbridge.

chill I Trakai, Lithuania

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Supping in the lake.

flight I Klaipėda, Lithuania

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Glider on the beach of the Baltic Sea.

summer fun I Klaipėda, Lithuania

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Family swimming in the Baltic Sea.