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Green Egg Island, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

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Green Egg Island a.k.a Lan Pai is located at the eastern side of Tai Leng Tung. It was so-named since its shaped is liked a green pouched egg. It is one of hotspots for scuba-diving.

Pak Shui Wun, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

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Pak Shui Wun is locatd in Tai Po Tsai, Clearwater Bay, next to HK Science & Technology University. Pak Shui Wun Waterfall is one of the spots in Pak Shui Wun, it is almost the highest waterfall in Hong Kong.

Spring on the Lochsa!

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Falls in the Forest!

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Clearwater beach

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Breathtaking view at the Clearwater beach

Maritime textures 2

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Peoples joy at the beach can be felt up in the air

Maritime textures

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Maritime textures at the Clearwater beach

Clearwater Bay

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Beautiful day in Clearwater

Clearwater Pier

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Clearwater pier

Passe de l’Hermitage, ile de la Réunion

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The breath of the lagoon shaping the sand in the channel of l'Hermitage.

Tin Ha Shan, Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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Tin Ha Shan is located at Clearwater Peninsula, it is 273m high, it is one of the peaks of High Junk Peak Country Trail. It is also a hotspot for sunrise.

High Junk Peak, Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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High Junk Peak is located in the Clear Water Bay Peninsula, it is one of the three treacherous peaks in Hong Kong, the other two sharp peaks of Hong Kong are ‘Sharp Peak’ (蚺蛇尖) and ‘Castle Peak’ (青山). It is calle...

Po Toi O, Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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Po Toi O is a small fishing village at Clear Water Bay Peninsula. The village is situated at a bay shaped like a sack, thus earning its name Po Toi (meaning a "sack"). At the hilltop of Tin Ha Shan nearby, nice sunshi...