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Coal depository

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Coal depository in northern Spain.

hugh rotary excavator

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hugh rotary excavator photographed by drone in a coal mine

El Cerrejón

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Mina de carbón El Cerrejón, ubicada en el departamento de La Guajira, Colombia. Esta mina de dimensiones aterradoras, una profundidad de aproximadamente 1 kilometro y de 42 hectáreas de área, desde su llegada a Col...

Mine 37

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Abandoned Mine 37 near Windber, PA USA

Water Pipe

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Flight over a creek that used to be used for coal mining in SW Pennsylvania before the coal mines closed down.

Mountain Top Removal

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Mountain top removal in West Virginia

Krasnogorsky. Chelyabinskaya oblast, Russia

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Krasnogorsky coal mine

Korkino, Chelyabinskaya oblast, Russia

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One of the deepest open coal mine in the world from above.

Korkino, Chelyabinskaya oblast, Russia

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The centre of the planet. Korkinskii coal quarry - 700m deep hole in the ground. The deepest and largest in Europe open coal mine and second largest in the world.

Kellingley Colliery

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GB Rail Freight 66740, leaving Knottingley East junction heading towards Drax Power station.

Mining site

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Renovated site used to moan coal


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Renovated cooling towers used for mining coal

Abandoned coalmine infrastructure

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Abandoned tower used for mining coal

Autumn hills

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Two hills left behind after mining activities

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