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Fishing boats in Ntoroko, Uganda

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Aerial shot of fishing boats in Ntoroko, Uganda

Karagöl, Artvin

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Ciudad Amurallada

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La ciudad amurallada de Cartagena con otros tonos.


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Fishermen in Brazil wake up early, take their crafted boats and go fishing to feed us.

Good Morning!

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Surfing while the sun rises :)

The Colors of Nature

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Two birds calmly swim across the colorful wetlands, as the sky reflects its cloud-like appearance of the water's surface.

Big Fork Lake

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Sunrise over Big Fork Lake in Three Lakes, WI

In the air tonight

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Phill Collins was in Córdoba, Argentina. Thats shoot was in the middle of the show!

Blue eyed forest

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Pink Coloradas

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All you see is natural: on the edge of Gulf of Mexico, there is this small fisherman towns called Las Coloradas, where I found this out-of-nature pink lakes. Just next to a sandy beach and the ocean, in these ponds of...

Fall is a Pretty Time of Year

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Fall colors in northern Wisconsin. Great place to shoot guns and romp around on a dirtbike!

Northwoods Sunrise

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Sun rising over Little Fork Lake in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin! Visit Three Lakes, Wisconsin!

Blue Ribbon Bridge above the Clouds

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Fall colors and clouds!

Bolivian Volcano

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A Volcano on the Altiplano in Bolivia, seen from above.

bled in purple hour

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Bled in purple hour looking like a scene from a fairytale


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Autumn Pond

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River Atchafalaya basin, Texas

Colors of Autumn in the Mountains!

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Autumn tree

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A top view of a tree

Marina de Lévis

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My girlfriend lives right next to the marina, I had my drone with me. So, when I saw the sunset was going to look amazing, I took my drone out and took this cool shot. Hope you like it.

Dronestagram drone photo contest 2018

Dear members of the Dronestagram Community,

It has been a pretty long time waiting but here we are: starting today, we are thrilled to announce that the Dronestagram 2018 drone photography contest is open, in partnership with our friends at studioSPORT!

From now and until November, 11th, 12 AM, you can post your best drone pictures to share the beauty of the world seen from above.